me syaza nabila

me syaza nabila

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

texting with sayang :)

i ask HIM then he give me sweet answer :

me  : sayang do you think that ur happy with me?
him : yes i do...
me  : why sayang?
him : coz i know that i falling in LOVE with someone who that i really LOVE !
me  : how do u know that u really LOVE me??
him : i cant let you go
me  : other than that?
him : always need u baby
me  : i LOVE aemie anwar
him : bby ur mine
me  : yes ! im yours and ur mine sayang
him : nobody can take u from me
me  : so take care of me
him : hope ur LOVE very strong 
me  : yes,my LOVE very strong as the TIGER ! :)

* thats all...:) i HOPE our relationship will never ended !
sayang ur like a candy !:) yeah ! i love it !

thats u who text me every second :) yeah im happy!

* sorry sometimes i've late to reply your text :) 

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