me syaza nabila

me syaza nabila

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Big Day's with MyBestiest

hahai ! :) sumpah beberapa hari ni aku bahgia sangat ! 
dapat jupe and lepak ngn my baby bestfriends !

*makan2 di RasaMas
*cinema @ ecM 
*on9 coffee street @kuantan

I L.O.V.E U all ! (:

my baby bestfriend ! i love u sayang (:

they are LOSER ! >.<

this is me when getting out with baby bestfriend

this is us ! 

aiyakkk ! eyka dukung ! snap by fatin farahanim (:

who's that make me happy 
*padahal haritu aku merajuk ngan kau !

thecoolest bro ! >.<
very LOVE to see actress named FATIHAH :)

person who very nice to me ! thanx ! ur brighten my day

koya lerhh tuhhh! mule2 xnak snap2 >.<

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