me syaza nabila

me syaza nabila

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Malacca and Memories

Family Day at Shah's Beach Resort Malacca
5 Mei untill 7 Mei 2012

First day we had arrived at 5 p.m then start swimming at pool :) At Night, we all went to Malacca River Cruise and Jalan2 kat Jonker Walk ! were looking for Terompah Baba Nyonya ! Mid night, i 'm having supper..! and Luqman brings me McD :) thanks awak :)

Next day, at morning we had acara sukan... 'hidup lebih bermakna dengan bersukan' ! yeah ! time ni lah me involve dalam acara berpasangan that is baling belon air berpasangan and i'm the winner ! hahaha! :) then, we had lunch and swimming at pool... at evening we're going to Taman Buaya :) Rizq Ghina so happy get saw the lazy buaya ! hahaha! and the night were having dinner :) after dinner Abg Chubby2, my cousy and me going to Bandar  Hilir,Jonker Walk,and watching movie 'The Avengers ! :) thanks both of u ! so Happy !

 Last Day,when having breakfast someone from F&B at that hotel ask my phone no! wau! hahaha! then at 12:00 were going back to Pahang ! that all ! i'll be missing all the moment! :)

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